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Plant growth regulators

Paclotar 250

Paclotar 250

Paclotar 250 ( Paclobutrazol 23 % w/w EC):

aclobutrazol is a systemic Plant Growth Regulator recommended for use on Mango trees when they are nearing their optimum size. It reduces internode lengths of new shoots on the mango trees and causes earlier formation of terminal buds, increased fruit buds increased fruit bud production, yield and improves textures of the fruit.

The chemical is applied to the root of the plant and is translocated to the site of action.


Age of Mango tree Dose per Tree Time of Application Method of Application PHI Waiting Period /
g a. i. ml
16-25 Years 4.0 16 Apply within 4 weeks of harvest of fruits. Any time from July to October will be ideal. Make a round furrow about 5 to10 cms. deep at least 30cms. Away from the main trunk. Mix the recommended dose with about 5-10 litres of clean water and apply to the furrow. Fill up with soil after application and irrigate once or twice a month subsequently. NIL The chemicals applied 8 months before harvest of fruits.

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