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WAKEUP : (Hydrogen cyanamide 49 % A.S.)

Wakeup 49% aqueous solution (Hydrogen cyanamide) is a well known plant growth regulator used for breaking bud dormancy in fruit crops like grape, kiwi, apple, peach, pear, apricot, cherries and plums etc. In India Wakeup is registered with the Central Insecticide Board for use in grapes soon after pruning to achieve immediate and uniform bud sprouting and use in sugarcane for improving batter germination.

How Wakeup helps?

  •   Catalase an enzyme is present in plants. It catalyses the break down of Hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen. An increase in Hydrogen peroxide content could prove toxic to plants.
  •   Abscisic acid is believed to be the main natural plant growth inhibitor. No correlation between Abscisic acid and Wakeup.
  •  Wakeup influences Catalase activity and Catalase are important in detoxifying Hydrogen peroxide. Wakeup reduces Catalase activity but plants still do not suffer from phytotoxicity on application of Wakeup at recommended dose.
  • This implies that another mechanism takes over the process of detoxification of Hydrogen peroxide. The opening up of another mechanism to detoxify Hydrogen peroxide on application of Wakeup is responsible for breaking dormancy.
  • The alternate mechanism is oxidative pentose phosphate pathways.
  • Owing to concurrent activity, increase in pentose phosphate pathway, a range of essential substance such as lipids, RNA, DNA and Pentose Sugars are produced at high rate.


  1. Use rubber gloves, boots and goggles while spraying.
  2. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Farmer should apply vegetable oil on hand and face to make a film to direct contact with skin.
  3. Wash thoroughly face, hands and other parts of your body exposed to spray drift soon after spraying.
  4. Do not spray against wind, spraying should preferably be carried out when the wind velocity is low.
  5. Do not drink alcoholic beverages prior to, during and for up to 24 hours after handling Wakeup.
  6.  Keep the product away from the food, drink and animals feeding stuff.
  7. Wakeup scorches green leaves. Avoid spray drift to neighbouring crops.


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